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All the money necessary for a transaction will pass through your notary. You will bring him your downpayment through a bank draft and your financial institution will transfert him all amounts through a wire transfer. All these amounts will be deposited in an in “trust” account, which every notary in the province of Quebec in required to hold. These accounts are regulalry verified by the Chambre des notaires du Quebec and a verification by a chartered accountant is mandatory each year.

Following the signing of the Deed of Sale, many vendors are surprised to hear that they don’t receive their money right away. In fact, the notary usually holds the funds 3 to 5 business days following the signing. Here are the reasons why :

The notary must register the Deed of Sale at the land registry office of the regisration division your property is situated in (ie. Montreal, Laval, Laprairie, Chambly, etc.). After the Ded is sent to registration, the notary must wait for validation that the purchaser is actuallt the registered owner.

The notary must wait for the funds received to be verified by his financial institution and ensure that said funds are sufficient to cover any debts on the property (existing hypothecs, unpaid taxes, etc.).

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about us

about us

SNHTrust.ca is a space created and administered by notaries that gives you a quick, easy and effective way to obtain notarial services. You may in fact come into contact with a notary in less then 3 minutes. The notary will be able to assist you in achieving your objectives, at a competitive price and an uncomparable quailty.

Our goal is to assist you in establishing your will. A well-drawn will guarantees the respect of your wishes upon your passing. In addition, it can greatly facilitate the settlement of your estate.

A straighforward and transparent approach to notarial services. Say goodbye to strenuous research, unclear fees, complicated communications. Our innovating way of servicing out clientele perfectly fits in with the new web-based world we now love in.

Notaries undergo rigurous training in all aspects of the law and they hold without exception a bachelor degree in law. Besides this education, we also provide you with many years of extensive experience in various notarial transactions.

privacy policy

privacy policy

Your privacy is our pride and therefore our promise to you. Since we hold your trust at heart, you can rest assured that any personal information provided through this website will be treated with the highest form of diligence and confidentiality.

Thus, we will use the information provided solely for our initial contact with you. Thereafter, if you decide not carry any business with us, all information acquired will not be divulged to any external parties.

On the other end, kindly take note that if you decide to retain our services, the notary in charge of your file will be obligated, by law, to keep your information to his file.